FreeLoaderz PSPO

Freeloaderz PSPO — 7.5 Million FLZ Stake Pool Distribution

1) You stake to a participating Pool (final list will be announced Aug 8th)
2) You keep your normal ADA Staking rewards and get free FLZ
3) You claim your tokens on
4) The amount of tokens eligible is based on your stake amount (see below)
5) You can claim every epoch or let them accumulate and claim later
6) The FLZ token allows you to vote on FreeLoaderz governance
7) Will last from September to December or when 7.5 Million is reached

FreeLoaderz is a coalition of Cardano stake pool operators (SPOs), developers, and community members offering their talents and services to the Cardano community in an effort to improve the everyday user experience, promote decentralization, and maintain the security of the network. Freeloaderz believe that a vibrant, decentralized base of single stake pool operators is integral to Cardano’s success. Therefore a primary mission of the Freeloaderz DAO is to support independent stake pool operators.

Rewards Calculation Equation: R=(S-150)^0.6+50 where R=payout in FLZ per epoch and S=Stake Amount to the pool. Example calculation shown below with example of 1000 Ada staked.

As a result, the Freeloaderz DAO has authorized this PSPO (Promotional Stake Pool Offering). This means that delegators to selected Freeloaderz SPOs will receive FLZ tokens. These tokens will be awarded at no cost. The giveaway is simply to encourage delegation to SPOs in the Freeloaderz network. FLZ holders will be able to vote on proposals to direct the governance of the DAO. For example: Other token projects will want to distribute their tokens using the FreeLoaderz SmartClaimz Token Distribution platform. As a FLZ holder, you will be able to vote on what tokens are listed on the platform.

The tokens will be awarded based on the amount of ADA staked. This is to encourage long term staking and to discourage wallet splitting. The token distribution will occur from September through December. A total of 7.5 million FLZ tokens have been dedicated to this program.

The members of the Freeloaderz DAO understand that this market is challenging for both ADA holders and stake pool operators. The goal of this PSPO is to encourage long term staking with single stake pool operators. As always, Freeloaderz focus is to securely support the growth of Cardano. Happy Staking!

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Freeloaderz is a Coalition of Cardano stake pools leveraging our Hardware and Software skills for Network Wide Decentralization, Join the Movement!